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Head Coach: Brandon Lucero

Team Purpose

1% Better Every Day: Improving 1% per day is not a goal - it’s a mindset! It’s a way to reinforce the importance of consistency over any single day’s efforts. 

Air Academy Kadet Wrestling aspires to be an outstanding educational-athletic program that provides a quality experience to every athlete in which every athlete: 

  • Experiences the principles of positive coaching.

  • Has fun during practices, games and competition.

  • Feels like an important part of the team regardless of performance.

  • Learns life lessons that have value beyond the mat.

  • Learns the proper skills, tactics and strategies of wrestling.

  • Improves as an overall athlete.

We recognize that our coaches make this possible in the most direct way. We strive to provide every member of Kadet Wrestling with the tools to succeed. We commit to creating a positive culture where coaches, parents, fans, officials and athletes work together to achieve our mission.

The Wrestling Mission

Air Academy Wrestling has a long history. As you can see in the "Built on Tradition" feature, we have many state qualifiers, placers and champions. No Kadet Wrestling team has placed Top 10 in the state tournament, but we are motivated to be the best team in the state. Meanwhile, we have countless opportunities to improve in the sport of wrestling for each student athlete.

The coaches at Air Academy encourage the kids to fall in love with their sport and to take it as far as they can. The sport of wrestling builds determination, integrity, character, and the motivation to win on and off the mat.

"Once you've wrestled, everything else in life is easy."
Dan Gable, Olympic gold medalist.