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Our Purpose

The Air Academy Swim and Dive Team is built on tradition and character as the backbone. Student-athletes bring a full measure of athleticism, academics, passion, and teamwork to create an environment of encouragement and belonging. From state champions to beginners, the team has opportunities for a spectrum of abilities blended by the sense of making each individual the best they can be by working together as a group. The coaches bring a lifetime of experience and knowledge with the goal of nurturing a love for the sport that lasts forever, as well as relationships that last just as long. We want athletes to maximize their potential on many levels with great performances in and out of the water.

Practice Locations

All swim practices will be held at the Rampart High School pool.  Practice times vary, so check the schedule for the latest updates.

Our Coaches

Head CoachScott Newell

With 20 seasons leading the Kadets, I am excited to get started again in a “new normal” at Air Academy. Every year we have the chance to meet some new athletes, renew relationships with veterans, and continue to be a part of kids’ lives that we have known since they were kids. Our bond with the athletes is our best investment. Our dividends are spent on returning the positives on encouragement and building character. There are so many great examples of that on the roster of our team that our energy is reinvigorated consistently. I started as an age-group swimmer and competed at the peak of competition at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials. My best experiences and memories are the ones with my teammates together and having fun. I believe everybody deserves to have that experience. 

Assistant Swim CoachSara Boyer-Newell

Assistant Swim Coach: Kendra Boyer-Evers

Dive Coach: Jack Elbert

Assistant Dive Coach: Lucy Guiberson

Contact our coaches for information on joining our Swim & Dive team.

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