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Registration Process

All athletes are required to complete the BigTeams/PlanetHS on-line registration process.  If you have already created parent and/or athlete accounts, do not create a new one.

If you have not registered previously, or if you are an incoming Freshman, start with the BigTeams Parent/Student Getting Started page.

If you are transferring from another school, start with the BigTeams/PlanetHS Transfer Process.

Athletes may not participate in tryouts, practices, or compete without a completed registration.  No paper registrations will be accepted.

  • Physicals must be current. We recommend having a summer physical for your athlete so participation is not delayed. Sports physical forms are uploaded as part of the BigTeams/PlanetHS registration process. Read more about Sports Physicals.

  • Incomplete or late registrations may delay participation in tryouts, practices and games.

  • In the “Sports Interest” section of BigTeams, only check the sports your athlete will be participating in or attending tryouts for.

  • Athletes may register for all seasons at one time but remember to only indicate which sports they will actually participate in.

  • If you are registering for Field Hockey or Gymnastics you must select the school where practices are held as your secondary enrollment school.

Athletics Fees

Students pay a fee for each sport in which they participate. Athletic fees cover a portion of the cost of operating the school athletic program.

The Student Fees page and the Parent/Student-Athlete Handbook provide detailed information on per-season fees and maximums for individuals and families. Some sports require specialized equipment. Refer to the Parent/Student-Athlete Handbook or speak to the coach for more information.

Athletic fees may be made via Payforit, or at your school's Bookkeeping or Athletic Office via check or cash. We do not accept debit or credit cards over the phone.

School Assignment

Students participating in a sport at a school other than their regularly attended school will need to be assigned to that school. Athletes may not participate until the athletic assignment is complete.  Please contact Mary Elsner at 719-234-1211.

Athletically assigned students must select the assigned school under the Secondary Enrollment option in Planet HS, and cannot use the PayForIt option to pay for fees.  Contact the assigned school's athletics department for alternate payment methods.

Transfer Students

Any student transferring into an Academy District 20 school from another high school must apply for Athletic Eligibility.

  • Incoming students create a BigTeams/PlanetHS account

  • Parents/guardians also create a BigTeams/Planet HS account and link it to their student's account

  • Complete the transfer documentation as specified by BigTeams/PlanetHS

  • BigTeams/PlanetHS will send a notification when the process is complete.