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Academy Partnership

AAHS is a public high school open to all students, with only 20-30% coming from military families. Its location on the U.S. Air Force Academy offers unique opportunities. Students benefit from opportunities to visit Academy sites and meet representatives. Academy security measures offer added campus safety, creating a home away from home feel.  

Our Pillars 

AAHS students benefit from an education built on three pillars. We use emotional intelligence, treating teens as humans first, then students. Teachers are part of professional learning communities that ensure skills, content, and what’s best for students are at the heart of our decision-making. AAHS teachers seek to help students develop skills that will contribute to their success inside and outside of our school.

Compassion and Care 

AAHS teachers and staff seek to balance relationships and rigor. AAHS staff go the extra mile to partner with students to create supportive learning environments.  We strive to extend that same attention to families, guardians and the entire community that supports AAHS students.