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The AAHS Visual Arts Department is a district, region and national award winning program. There are permanent sculpture installations throughout AAHS and in local business including the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Many AAHS Visual Arts students have gone on to become award winning art educators, professional artists, and consultants. Art is a very valid career choice and is a valuable contribution to our community, and country and the world.

The AAHS Visual Arts Department consists of three primary media content areas:

  • Traditional 2D Art Drawing & Painting

    • Art 1 - 4

    • AP & Honors Art

  • Digital Media

    • Computer Commercial Arts 1 & 2 (Adobe Illustrator)

    • Computer Graphic Design 1 & 2 (Adobe Photoshop)

    • Computer Animation

    • Kadet TV Live

    • Photography 1 - 3

  • Ceramics 3D

    • Ceramics 1-4 hand building sculpture and wheel throwing

    • Art in Public Places

There are lab fees for each class to cover the cost of materials. Lab fees vary for each content area.

Visual Arts Features