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Theatre Classes

Theatre 1

Theatre 1 is an introduction to theatre and the first theatre class you should take.  In this course, learning is disguised as fun every day!  We play improvisational games that help us learn to think on our feet.  We create sketches and characters that are fun and entertaining.  (One semester)

Theatre 2

This class builds on the skills we learned in Theatre 1.  We develop more complex story lines and practice creating interesting and believable characters and stories.  We will read through plays and discuss character choices.   We continue to play a variety of games and work on acting in memorized monologues and scenes.  (One semester - Theatre 1 is a prerequisite for this class)

Musical Theatre and Dance

If you like musicals, this class is for you.  We study a bunch of different shows by reading them, listening to the Broadway CD, and then performing a song and/or dance from that show.  Some musicals we have studied are The Sound of Music, Singin in the Rain, and White Christmas, Annie. Come ready to sing and dance. (One semester) 

Theatre 3: Advanced Acting

Advanced Acting is for those who are really interested in exploring theatre on a deeper level.  We have competed in a Regional One Act Competition for several years in a row, coming home with a third place and two first place trophies.  Students also perform monologues and scenes from plays.  Second semester we produce a one act or a student written show. This class may be taken more than once for credit.  There is a fee of $35 per year.  (Full year - Theatre 1 and 2 or instructor permission are prerequisites for this class) 

Theatre 4: Directing

This course meets at the same time as Advanced Acting.  It is designed to teach students the art of directing theatrical performances.  We study how to communicate clearly to an audience, how to create compelling stage pictures and work on helping bring out the best from our actors.  These students direct the second semester play.  They are responsible for organizing rehearsal schedules, blocking, being acting coaches, finding costumes, props, sets, lights, sound, advertising, etc. There is a fee of $35 per year.  (Full year) 

Technical Theatre

Students will be instructed in the design concepts of costumes, make up, properties, publicity, scenery construction, sound, stage lighting, and stage management. The appropriate use of technology is an integral part of this course. Students are encouraged to become involved in after school plays and to attend work calls. First semester students will build sets for the fall play, second semester for the musicals.  There is a fee of $35 per year. (Full Year)

Theatre Teacher/Artistic Director/Performing Arts Chair: Susan Manst

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