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We pride ourselves in making students feel like they have a safe place for expression and exploration of their skills using string instruments. We have many course offerings at varying levels to help provide a customized experience for every musician. Come be a part of the music today!

Course offerings

String Orchestra 

A full year program that utilizes classic string orchestra instrumentation and includes all students who have previous experience playing violin, viola, cello, double bass and piano. Please contact Mrs. Lyttle for exceptions to this instrumentation. Concert performances will be scheduled for each semester with field trips and opportunities to join other community orchestras.

Beginning Guitar Techniques

A course for guitar lovers of all levels. This course covers beginning techniques including classical fingerpicking, note-reading, tab reading, chords and lead sheet reading and writing. You will have all the skills necessary to teach yourself any of your favorite guitar songs after this class!

Advanced Guitar 

A course designed to further the skills of guitarists who love to play. Advanced techniques such as major, minor, blues scales and improvisation will be covered as well as techniques for varying styles of music including but not limited to: R&B, swing, funk, country, rock, metal and more. With all of these choices, it seems unfair to not be able to include songwriting into this amazing course, so­ we will cover that as well!

Music Technology 

This course covers all types of electronic music and functions. Learn how to produce sound effects, audio media, and use recording techniques to write and arrange your own compositions. We focus more on the action of creating and arranging audio files into useable content rather than on specific composing techniques, but some basic skills will be included.

Music Appreciation 

This course helps to foster a love of all kinds of music by following the development of music through time. Explore the origins of music back in the Medieval Ages through to modern day culture to see how it has evolved and inspired society throughout time. You will be sure to experience music in a new way!

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