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Band Uniforms

It’s the responsibility of all AAHS Band Students to make sure their uniforms are in good condition and are inspection-worthy for all performances.


  • Turn jacket inside out

  • Place bib and jacket (and black gloves) in washer.

  • Wash in cold water using a non-chlorine detergent.

  • Do not use fabric softener, bleach, oxy-clean or any similar products

  • Tumble dry on low

  • Hang up immediately

  • Please iron the uniform as well, on low heat setting.

Note:  if you need to adjust pant length:

Pant should be just below the ankle when student holds up their instrument. If you have to change the snap, you will need to press the hem.

Yes, this affects our scoring!

Black Gloves

  • Wash them in the load with other uniform clothes (or similar colors)

  • Machine drying is okay