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Transitioning from BYOD to 1:1

In the past, Air Academy High School and its feeder schools have been Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) schools. We are in the process of transitioning to being a 1:1 environment where we provide devices for all AAHS students. We’re moving in this direction for three reasons: to ensure that all devices are capable of running the technology we use, to address equity issues, and to streamline tech support for students and staff.

The advantages of 1:1 devices include anytime, anywhere access to:

  • Class resources, support and extension activities through Schoology (20Learn)

  • Email and messaging options to connect with staff

  • Online creation, study, and assessment tools

  • Digital folders and other online organizational tools 

  • E-books, databases, and curated web resources

Borrowing Equipment

We have school laptops available!  The more students we have using the same type of device, the easier it will be for staff and fellow students to offer support if something goes wrong! To check out a school device, a parent/guardian must sign the last page of the Technology Guidelines and Responsible Use Agreement. The completed signature page can either be emailed to Traci Trimbach or brought at the time of checkout. To schedule an appointment to check out a laptop, email Traci Trimbach or Patrice Geis for assistance.

Daily Expectations

  • Bring device and charging cord to school

  • Charge and restart device every night

  • Use the device for academic purposes during class, not for recreation/personal pursuits

Digital Citizenship

As students move into high school, digital citizenship becomes ever more important and students need to take more and more responsibility for their use of devices and their interactions online. Our students have daily practice using their devices when they need them and putting them away when they do not. This mimics how students will be likely to use technology in their futures. Our staff is committed to helping students maintain a positive digital footprint and keeping our students safe while using the vast collection of educational resources available on the internet. D20’s Digital Citizenship curriculum comes from Common Sense Media

Getting Internet Access at Home

  1. Internet Essentials from ComcastInternet

  2. Basics from CenturyLink


Need troubleshooting help?

At AAHS, go to Room 416 to see Ms. Hiner or Mr. Duran or submit a helpdesk request to