Cold War Project

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Due Date: Blue 1 and 2 - Tuesday April 3

Silver 1,2 and 3 - Wednesday April 4

Cold War Project: Creating Museum Displays
Life in the United States has changed greatly since World War II. The country experienced the Cold War, a nuclear arms race, and eventually détente.
Introduction: Watch this cool video that gives you an idea of the time period - We Didn't Start the Fire
Cold War Terms to know:  Cold War Terms Link 
Research: The first task is to research your Cold War event/topic.                                                                                      Cold War Topic Research Worksheet.pdf.         Cold War Topic Research Worksheet.docxCold War Topic Research Worksheet.docx. You will have two-three days to research.
Abstract: After your initial research on your topic you must write an abstract that describes what you are trying to accomplish in your display. What is the theme or concept you will display? How will you address the above criteria? Your abstract must be visible on your display. See Sample Abstract
All displays must explain the following (see rubric for more details):
•How was the topic part of the Cold War and arms race?
•What effects did the topic have on the politics, culture and international relations of the United States?
•What is the future significance of this topic?
•How has the division and control of the Earth's surface been influence by conflicts and/or cooperative efforts related to your topic?
All displays must include the following regarding your topic or theme:
◦Visual aids of primary sources and artifacts including an interview(Link).

•Well documented support of claims and a bibliography (MLA format with at least 10 sources).
•Visual aids such as graphs, maps, diagrams and pictures.
•A creative timeline of at least ten significant Cold War events.
•Display has a neutral point of view or presents a balanced argument.
•An abstract (see link above)
•A Technology Aspect which includes a WeVideo to introduce topic and a Web Page that has at least 7 internal to external links.
Sample Web Page:
Use poster board to mount your research and visuals. There should be brief descriptive explanations tied to pictures and artifacts that demonstrate and illustrate your topic. Your web page should include an attractive home page that clearly describes your topic. It should also include five links that relate to the topic. Your labels and headings should be large. Colorful, neat, well organized work will be more attractive and interest others to read your work.
Presentation: The final task of each group is to present a 5 minute presentation that describes your display and explains significant information about your topic.
Rubric for Cold War Museum Display.pdf Take a look at how you will be specifically graded on each component of the project. Rubric for Cold War Museum Display.docx

Due Date: Blue 1 and 2 - Tuesday April 3
Silver 1,2 and 3 - Wednesday April 4