Debating current issues - Where do you stand on the issues?

Presentations Due: Wednesday October 11th

Day 1Choosing Sides Activity - Are you conservative, liberal or moderate?  Find out by taking the following Values Questionaire

Political Spectrum Values Questionaire

Day 2:  Forming of Teams, decising on an issue and research.  .  Today you will be forming teams and selecting an issue to debate.  Once you have an issue begin to research your topic.  Go to the Current Issues Debate Information Link below

 Current Issues Debate Information Link

Day 3 and Day 4:  Research, creating your Pear Deck and Organizing your debate

Pear Deck Tutorial Link -

How to share a Pear Deck for Collaboration -  Go to this site to learn how to share your Pear Deck with group members so everyone can edit it.

Day 5:  Debate-go to the link below to see how you will be graded

Current Issues Debate Rubric Link