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Maille O'Neil

Math Teacher

email: maille.oneil@asd20.org


Welcome to a new school year!


A little about me... I graduated from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in 2014 with a BA in Secondary Mathematics and moved to Colorado to teach at Air Academy! I'm a big Packers fan and I love to travel and go on adventures. Math is another one of my passions and I look forward to learning with you this year.


Below you will find a calendar that I update daily. Here you can find the lessons from each day along with the homework assignment and answer key if there is one. I also upload test reviews and review answer keys in advance of an upcoming test. I have supplement materials and book homework answers below.


 Ms. O'Neil's Schedule

​Blue 1KMAC
​Blue 2KMAC
​Blue 3Plan
​Blue 4KMAC
​Silver 1KMAC
​Silver 2​Plan
​Silver 3Honors Algebra 2
​Silver 4Honors Algebra 2


Folder: Unit 1 Review of Algebra 1
6/7/2018 2:23 PMMaille O'Neil
Folder: Unit 2 Structure of Functions
6/7/2018 2:28 PMMaille O'Neil
Folder: Unit 3 Logarithms
6/7/2018 2:29 PMMaille O'Neil
Folder: Unit 4 Polynomial Functions
6/22/2018 11:29 AMMaille O'Neil
Folder: Unit 5 Rational and Radical Functions
6/22/2018 1:58 PMMaille O'Neil
Folder: Unit 6 Trigonometry
6/22/2018 1:58 PMMaille O'Neil
Folder: Unit 7 Probability
6/22/2018 1:58 PMMaille O'Neil
Folder: Unit 8 Statistics
6/22/2018 1:58 PMMaille O'Neil