Family and Consumer Sciences deals with the relationship between individuals, families, and communities, and the environment in which they live. The field represents many disciplines including consumer sciences, nutrition, parenting, family economics and resource management, human development, interior design, and catering.
When students complete FACS classes, they will have real world skills needed for today's complex society. Students will learn through hands-on activities and have fun
There is a class for every student's interest and need from catering to working with children at the Air Force Academy Child Development Center.
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 Teacher Bio

Mrs. Armstrong graduated from the University of North Texas and received her BS degree in Fashion Merchandising.   She has taught Family and Consumer Sciences at AAHS since 2006.  Mrs. Armstrong created a new course at AAHS called Teen Choices, which encompasses tough teen issues.  She formed a new student organization; Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) which supports numerous community service projects throughout the school year.  She serves on Pikes Peak Community College’s advisory board for Culinary Arts and partners with numerous businesses throughout Colorado Springs.  Her passion for teaching and student success was recognized by her colleagues when she was awarded Teacher of the Year in 2010.   Mrs. Armstrong is a caring person who creates a great environment for students by her innovative teaching style.  She helps students learn about life!   
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