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​​​​​​​​​​ Air Acad​emy High School is now  BYOD!  
All AP Government students ARE REQUIRED to have an internet capable device in class (cell phones are not acceptable devices)!!!  
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January / February Class Calendar - IMPORTANTAP Calendar 18.pdf

REMINDER: FRQ over Ch. 11 notes and/or Crash Course Video Questions on Thursday - the 18th

Crash Course Homework Video   Questions:Crash Course Interest group form 43.pdf  Will Cover Tuesday, January 16

Stossel on Earmarks

Ethics and Government

The Academy Assembly is an unbelievable opportunity for up to 3 high school students from across the country to attend.  Normally, only select college undergraduates are chosen to attend.  This year, the Academy will host 3 high school students...from Air Academy High School ONLY.  Please see me ASAP if interested.  Priority given to those willing to attend each session.  However, differing schedules may be accommodated.

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Vocab Outlines (complete for ALL vocab words in each chapter) 
Vocabulary Outline.xlsx   Vocabulary Outline.pdf   Use Xcel to modify to fit your needs

PRACTICE AP EXAM Practice AP Exam AA.pdf   What do you think?

A Good Way To Remember the Articles of the Constitution
Lazy - Legislative Branch (Article I)
Elephants - Executive Branch (Article II)
Jump - Judicial Branch (Article III)
Slowly - States (Article IV)
And - Amendment (Article V)
Sleep - Supremacy (Article VI)
Regularly - Ratification (Article VII)

*******Stay Tuned For a Practice Question and Scoring Guide*******

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Schedule ​- 2017/18
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Silver 1 AP Government
Silver 2 AP Government
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Silver 4 Study Hall

 Teacher Bio

This will be my 14th year of teaching at Air Academy. Before that, I taught 6th and 7th graders for four years at Eagleview Middle School.
In addition to teaching I have also been both the head coach and an assistant coach for the Air Academy Hockey Team for 20 years.
​​ ​
I grew up in Colorado Springs and attended both Air Academy Junior High and Air Academy High School (graduating class of 1982).

I attended UCCS and graduated with a degree in Accounting.  I then received my MBA from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. 

From there, I worked for the oil company CONOCO for almost 11 years. During those years, I spent time in Ponca City, Oklahoma, Midland, Texas and Houston, Texas.  Along the way I made stops in New Orleans and Farmington, NM. I left CONOCO, received my Teaching Certificate from UCCS, completed my student teaching at Widefield High School, began coaching Air Academy Hockey, then went to work at Eagleview.
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