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​Jonny O'Lonergan's Home Page
​​My name is Jonny O'Lonergan and I have been teaching the Visual Arts in District 20 for 17 years.
I have a concurrent assignment within the District 20, teaching Computer Graphic Design I and
Digital Photography at Academy Online High School. This is my 7th year teaching online courses.
Now, what do you need to know? Let us start with a little information about me:  My family consists of
my wife (Sherri O, a counselor at AAHS), our son Orion at Air Academy High School, our daughter
Oceana and a black pug Olly Duke of Kashmir, and Tenaya Lynn an American bulldog. As I mentioned
in the course syllabus we all love the outdoors.
Different teachers have different personalities and different expectations, what can you expect from me?
Art to me is a passion, I love ceramics and clay sculpture, public sculpture, installation art, acrylic painting,
ceramics, digital photography, graphic arts, name the medium and I've probably created an artwork out of
that material. Art like martial arts is a discipline. You can't walk into a dojo and expect to become an instant
black belt.  After many years of practice, focus, performance, and evaluation, with discipline a student can
become a master. Leonardo Da Vinci and Michael Angelo were born with amazing talent, to be sure, but
they had to refine their skills and were apprentices learning under master artists prior to gaining recognition
and achieving their amazing accomplishments. If you were to ask my family and my colleagues what type of personality I have I think some of the statements they would use to describe me would be: happy, joyful,
easy going, positive, hardworking, organized, committed and loyal to family and career. I want students to
have fun and learn interesting information in my course. I try to design courses that I would find interesting
if I were a student. Hopefully, you will find most (if not all) of this course interesting and fun!  There are four
major components to art education that I feel every student should experience; studio art (they making and
creating of artworks), art history (why do artists create art?), art aesthetics (understanding that art is powerful
and has the ability to be expressive and communicate an idea, meaning, message, or mood), and finally art
criticism (without context it is hard to have a full appreciation of a work of art or an art movement hence
we would be prejudice if we tried to judge an artwork without research and the development of a degree of understanding). You can expect that all four components of art will be experienced to varying degrees
throughout the course of this class. Assigned deadlines will be important to the success of this class, if you
are one of those students that likes to procrastinate it is hard to build in time for revision and resubmission
to improve your grade with no time at the end.  When I ask you to post your artwork to Popplet with a
specified due dates, it will be almost impossible for the rest of the class to critique your artwork, providing
comments and feedback.  Late work will be excepted if prior communication has occurred and an
agreement has been made between the individual student and the instructor.  I try to be flexible and
understanding and have built in plenty of time for you to complete unit projects.

Artistic & Creative Process within a Visual Art Course:

Unit introduction and discussion


Determining the Problem/Intent 

Portfolio journaling and research

Project assignment/artwork rough drafts

Submission of preliminary work (works in progress)

Teacher, Peer and Class Art Critiques

Artwork revision/editing

Resubmission of final projects

Group critiques/feedback

Final assessment


Schedule ​
Period ​Class
 Blue 1            Plan
Academy            (availability) Monday, Thursday, & Friday
Blue 2            Ceramics I
B/S 3​ ​           Ceramics I
B/S 4​            Ceramics I
Blue 5 ​           Ceramics II
Silver 1            Plan
Silver 2 ​​​           Ceramics I
Silver 4             Ceramics III&IV
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 Ceramics 1 Beginning Wheel Throwing demo
 Ceramics 1 Trimming a Foot
 Dreamtime Totem Tutorial