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Mr. Catron is in his seventh year at AAHS.  Prior to becoming a Kadet, he taught nine years at Falcon HS, just east of Colorado Springs.  He is thankful for the opportunity to work with such wonderful staff members and more importantly, such amazing students!  Go Kadets!
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Algebra 1 TextbookAlgebra 1 Textbook
Algebra 3 TextbookAlgebra 3 Textbook
Folder: Unit 1
8/20/2018 8:04 AMJason Catron
Folder: Unit 2
9/14/2018 1:49 PMJason Catron
Folder: Unit 3
10/12/2018 10:33 AMJason Catron
A1 Policies 18_19.pdf
8/20/2018 8:03 AMJason Catron
Test Corrections.pdf
9/18/2017 9:51 AMJason Catron
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