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Mr. Buhle​r's Sche​dule ​
​Perio​d ​​Cla​ss
Blue 1​ PLAN
Blue 2​ PLAN
Blue 3 Honors Principles of Engineering
Blue 4​​ ​​Honors ​Engineering Design and Development
Silver 1​ Honors Principles of Engineering
Silver 2 ​​Honors Aerospace Engineering
Silver 3 Honors Engineering Design and Development
​Silver 4 PLA​N

 Teacher Bio

I grew up in Colorado Springs and graduated from Air Academy High School in 1988. I atten​ded the University of Colorado in Boulder and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering. After graduating in May of 1992, I went to graduate school at the George Washington University's Joint Institute for Advancement of Flight Sciences at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA. After successfully completing the masters program in 1994, I accepted a position as an engineer at the Naval Aviation Depot in eastern North Carolina. For nearly five years, I was fortunate enough to be a part of the Navy's QF-4 Full Scale Aerial Targets Program where we converted old fighter aircraft into full-sized remote controlled airplanes for the Navy to use for testing. 

 While being an engineer was very rewarding, I began to feel as though my calling was elsewhere. Given my educational and work background, I felt that the best way for me to contribute to society would be to educate the leaders of tomorrow. So, in the fall of 1999 I decided that in order to be truly happy I needed to move back home to Colorado and try my hand at teaching. After a little more schooling, I started teaching at AAHS in the fall of 2001.
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