AFJROTC Curriculum
Academy District 20 offers a four-year AFJROTC curriculum. All students will be granted academic credit toward graduation requirements for successful completion of AFJROTC courses.
Aerospace Science (AS)
AS acquaints students with the elements of aerospace and the aerospace environment. It introduces them to the principles of space flight, principles of aircraft flight and navigation, the history of aviation, development of air power, contemporary aviation, human requirements of flight, the space environment, space programs, space technology, rocketry, propulsion, the aerospace industry, the science of flight, astronomy, geography, policy and organization, survival and the study of some cultures across the world.
Leadership Education (LE)
LE is the portion of the AFJROTC curriculum that develops leadership skills and acquaints students with the practical application of life skills. The LE curriculum emphasizes discipline, responsibility, leadership, followership, citizenship, customs and courtesies, cadet corps activities, study habits, time management, communication skills, and drill and ceremonies.
Our program is offered to District 20 high school students (9-12 grade). District 20 provides bus transportation to and from Air Academy High School for all cadets who attend high school in the school district. Cadets traveling to Air Academy High School to attend AFJROTC are scheduled for either the morning block 1 (7:45-9:15am) or the afternoon block 4 (1:15-2:45pm) to facilitate transportation.