AFJROTC Course Offerings
AFJROTC Aerospace Science/Leadership Education I (AS100, LE100)
The first year of AFJROTC is "A Journey into Aviation History." In this course, students learn the origins of flight, early growth of the U.S., the progress of flight and use of airpower during World War I, the Golden Age of Aviation, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Desert Shield/Storm, Kosovo, and the Global War on Terror. Students will also learn about the customs, courtesies, traditions and history of the military. AFJROTC I emphasizes leadership, character development and good citizenship.
AFJROTC Aerospace Science/Leadership Education II (AS210, LE200)
The second year of AFJROTC is "The Science of Flight." In this course, students learn the fundamentals of flight and are exposed to weather and its affects on flight, human physiology of flight, basic aeronautics and navigation. Students will also learn about communication, preparing for leadership and understanding groups and teams.
AFJROTC Aerospace Science/Leadership Education III (AS300, LE300)
The third year of AFJROTC is "Exploring Space." This course examines our Earth, the Moon and the planets, the latest advances in space technology and the continuing challenges of manned flight. Students will also learn about life skills, personal finances, aiming towards college and pursuing a career.
AFJROTC Aerospace Science/Leadership Education IV (AS400, LE400)
The fourth year of AFJROTC is "Management of the Cadet Corps." This course is designed to focus on the fundamentals of leadership and management. Attention will be given to four specific areas: management techniques, management decisions, management functions and managing self/others. Each cadet will hold a leadership position and be responsible for some aspect of cadet group management.