​What did we do in Geography?

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"I missed last class. What did we do?"
Below is a list of what we do in class each day.



1st Semester
Aug. 15 (8 period day)
Class intro
Class Rules/Extra Credit
Textbook- Discuss Online Textbook.​
Read Pages- 4-15
Aug.  16-17
Intro Ch 1
Discuss- Ch 1.1 (pgs 5-9)
Begin- Ch 1 Packet
Begin- Bedroom Map
**Save all notes for Unit 1 test.
Aug.  18, 21
Discuss- Ch 1.1 (pgs 10-15)
Do- Thematic Map- DUE TODAY
Bedroom Map- DUE TODAY
Aug.  22-23
Discuss- How do Landforms impact Humans?
Do- Landforms impact Humans Paper- DUE TODAY
Work on- Ch 1 Packet
Aug.  24-25
Discuss- Ch 1.2 (pgs 17-19)
Do- Ch 1 Reading Check- DUE TODAY
Work on- Ch 1 Packet- Due next class.
Aug.  28-29
Discuss- Ch 1.2 (pgs 20-24)
Begin- Geog. Researcher Activity (Map of the Courtyard)
Ch 1 Packet- DUE TODAY
Aug  30-31
Intro- Ch 2
Discuss- Ch 2.1
Begin- Ch 2 Packet
Begin- Landform Lands- Due next class
Courtyard Map-DUE TODAY
Sept.  1, 5
Discuss- Ch 2.2
Begin- Ch 2 Reading Check
Do- What causes Earthquakes and Volcanoes- DUE TODAY
Landform Lands - DUE TODAY
Sept.  6-7
Discuss- Ch 2.3
Do- Water Cycle Diagram- DUE TODAY
Begin- Water Use Calculation
Work on- Ch 2 packet- Due next class
Ch 2 Reading Check-DUE TODAY
Sept.  8, 11
Intro- Ch 3
Discuss- Ch 3.1
Begin- Ch 3 Packet
Do- What causes Seasons- DUE TODAY
Water Use Calculation- DUE TODAY
Ch 2 Packet- DUE TODAY
Sept.  12-13
Discuss- Ch 3.2
Do- Greenhouse Effect/Global Warming- DUE TODAY
Begin- Ch 3 Reading Check
Work on- Ch 3 Packet
Sept.  14-15
Discuss- Ch 3.3
Begin- Climate Survival Group Reports
Ch 3 Reading Check- DUE TODAY
Sept.  18-19
Finish- Climate Survival Group Reports
4 Groups Report
Work on- Ch 3 Packet
Sept.  20-21
Intro- Ch 4
Discuss- Ch 4.1
Begin- Ch 4 Packet
Do- Demographic Transition Model- DUE TODAY
Ch 3 Packet- DUE TODAY
Sept.  22, 25
Discuss- Ch 4.2
Begin- Ch 4 Reading Check
Do- American Culture and Change (Group Report)-DUE TODAY
Sept.  26-27
Discuss- World Foods
Do- World Foods Map-DUE TODAY
Ch 4 Reading Check- DUE TODAY
Sept  28-29
Discuss- World Religions
Begin- World Religions Paper
Oct.  2-3
Discuss- Ch 4.3
Finish- World Religions Paper- DUE TODAY
Oct.   4-5
Discuss- Ch 4.4
Do- Economic Activities Map- DUE TODAY
Work on- Ch 4 Packet
Oct.  9-10
Review Day
Write a Practice Essay-DUE TODAY
Get the Unit 1 Study Guide
Ch 4 Packet- DUE TODAY
Oct.   11-12
Oct.  13, 16
Begin- Draw a Map of the World
Oct.   17-18
Finish- Map of the World- DUE TODAY
Oct.  19, 23
Discuss- How Geography impacts Civilization
Do- Establish a Civilization-DUE TODAY
Oct.  24-25
Intro- Ch 5
Discuss- Ch 5.1 (pgs 130-133)
Begin- Ch 5 Packet
Do- N. America Landforms Poster-DUE TODAY
Oct.  26-27
Discuss- Ch 5.1 (pgs 134-135)
Do- Oil Drilling Pros/Cons-DUE TODAY
Do- Loggin Pros/Cons- DUE TODAY
Begin- State Names Origins
Oct  30-31
Discuss- Ch 5.2
Do- N. America Climate/Vegetation Map-DUE TODAY
Ch 5 Packet- DUE TODAY
State Names Origins- DUE TODAY
Nov.  1-2
Intro- Ch 8
Discuss- Ch 8.1
Do-Latin American Landforms Poster- DUE TODAY
Begin- Ch 8 Packet
Nov.  3, 6
Discuss- Ch 8.2
Do-Latin American Climate/Vegetation Map-DUE TODAY
Begin- L. American Travel Brochure
Work on- Ch 8 Packet
Nov.  7-8
Finish- Travel Brochure- DUE TODAY
Ch 8 Packet- DUE TODAY

Nov.  9-10
Begin- Natural Disasters Group Reports
Research your Natural Disaster
Create a poster to present to class.
Nov.  13-14
Finish working on Disaster presentations
Natural Disasters Group Reports
Each Group will present to the Class
Nov.  15-16
Intro Ch 11
Discuss- Ch 11.1
Do- European Landforms Poster- DUE TODAY
Begin- Ch 11 Packet

Nov.  17, 27
Extra Credit

**Thanksgiving Break- Nov. 20-24**

Nov.  28-29
Discuss- Ch 11.2
Begin- European Language Chart
Work on- Ch 11 Packet- DUE NEXT CLASS
Nov. 30 - Dec. 1  
Intro- Ch 14
Discuss Ch 14.1
Begin- Ch 14 Packet
European Language Chart- DUE TODAY
Ch 11 Packet- DUE TODAY
**Get Final Exam Study Guide
Dec.   4-5
Discuss- Ch 14.2
Ch 14 Packet- DUE TODAY
Dec.   6-7
Discuss- Ch 17 (All)
Begin- Ch 17 Packet
Dec.   8, 11
Review For Final Exam
Write a Practice Essay- DUE TODAY
Ch 17 Packet- DUE TODAY
Dec.  12-13
**If there is time, Do the Asia Map-DUE TODAY

Finals Start on- Dec. 
Dec.   14-15
Final Exams (See AAHS Homepage for Final Schedule)
*Finals- Dec. 12-15


Jan  4-5
Discuss- Human Geography
Do- Locate a Fish Cannery- DUE TODAY
Do- Geog. and Culture Paragraphs- DUE TODAY
Begin-Culture Paper.  *This paper will be DUE the end of February.  Students should try to write about a page each week.
Jan  8-9
Discuss- Culture (7elements of Culture)
Do- US Population Density-Why?  DUE TODAY
Begin- US Expansion Timeline- DUE NEXT CLASS

Jan  10-11
Discuss- American Culture
Do- American Foods Groups Activity-DUE TODAY
Begin- American Culture Chart- DUE NEXT CLASS
US Expansion Timeline- DUE TODAY
Jan  12, 16
Discuss- Canadian Culture
Do- Canada Paragraphs- DUE TODAY
American Culture Chart- DUE TODAY
Jan  17-18
Discuss- 4 Main Economic Activities
Do- 4 Main Econ. Activities Chart-DUE TODAY
Begin- Changing Economy of N. America- DUE NEXT CLASS

Jan  19, 22
Discuss- Latin American Culture
Begin- Latin American Culture Chart- DUE NEXT CLASS
Changing Econ. of N. America- DUE TODAY
Jan  23-24
Discuss- Economy of Latin America
Do- Economic Activities Map-DUE TODAY
Begin- Factors Limiting Economic Growth- DUE NEXT CLASS
​Latin American Culture Chart-DUE TODAY

Jan  25-26
Discuss- European Culture
Begin-Ethnic Mix of Europe-DUE Next Class
Begin-Greek/Roman Influence-DUE NEXT CLASS
Factors Limiting Econ. Growth- DUE TODAY
Jan  29-30
​Discuss- European Economy
Do- Human Impact on Europe Chart-DUE TODAY
Greek/Roman Influence-DUE TODAY
Ethnic Mix of Europe-DUE TODAY

Jan  31- Feb 1
Discuss- Russian Culture
Do- Russian Influence on the US- DUE TODAY
Begin- Russian Ethnic Groups- DUE NEXT CLASS

Feb  2, 5
Discuss- Russian Economy
Do- Russian Economy Change-DUE TODAY
Begin- Chernobyl- DUE NEXT CLASS
Russian Ethnic Groups- DUE TODAY

Feb  6-7
Discuss- African Culture
Do- Middle Eastern Resource Map- DUE TODAY
Begin- Arab/Israeli Conflict-DUE NEXT CLASS
Chernobyl-DUE TODAY

Feb  8-9
​Discuss- Asian Culture
Do- China Paragraphs-DUE TODAY
Form Food Day Groups of 3-5
Arab/Israeli Conflict-DUE TODAY

Feb  12-13
Prepare for- Culture FOOD DAY
Groups plan for Presentation
Do-India Paragraphs-DUE TODAY

Feb  14-15
Culture Food Day
Groups Present Food/Beverage

Feb  20-21
Intro to Economics
Discuss- Econ Ch. 1.1
Begin- Ch 1 Packet- DUE at the end of Ch 1
Do- Econ. in your daily life- DUE TODAY
*Culture Paper- DUE TODAY (Feb. 20-21)

Feb  22-23
Review- Goods and Services
Do- Start a Baseball Team-DUE TODAY
Do- New Business Ideas- DUE TODAY
Begin- Household Spending-DUE NEXT CLASS

Feb  26-27
Discuss- Ch 1.2
Do- Group Travel Plan- DUE TODAY
Begin- Fast Food Menus- DUE NEXT CLASS
Household Spending- DUE TODAY

Feb 28- Mar 1
Discuss- Ch 1.2
Do- Buying a Certain Car- DUE TODAY
Begin- Circular Flow Model- DUE NEXT CLASS
Fast Food Menus- DUE TODAY

 Mar  2, 5
Discuss- Ch 1.3
Do- Opportunity Costs- DUE TODAY
Circular Flow Model- DUE TODAY
Work on- Ch 1 Packet- DUE NEXT CLASS

Mar  6-7
Discuss- Ch 1.3
Do- The Used Car- DUE TODAY
Begin- The Cost of College- DUE NEXT CLASS
Begin- Ch 1 Review- DUE NEXT CLASS
Ch 1 Packet- DUE TODAY

Mar  8-9
​Intro- Ch 2
Discuss- Ch 2.1 (pgs. 34-37)
Begin- Ch 2 Packet- Due at the end of Ch 2
Do- 3 Economic Questions- DUE TODAY
Begin- 6 Problems with a Market/Command Econ.- DUE NEXT CLASS
Cost of College-DUE TODAY
Ch 1 Review- DUE TODAY

Mar  12-13
Discuss- Ch 2.1 (pgs. 38-39)
Begin- Your Own Business- DUE NEXT CLASS
6 Problems of Market/Command Econ.- DUE TODAY

Mar  14-15
Discuss- Ch. 2.2
Do-New Technologies change Econ-DUE TODAY
Begin- Draw the PPF- DUE NEXT CLASS
Your Own Business- DUE TODAY

Mar  16, 19 
Discuss- Ch. 2.3 (pgs. 52-53)
Do- Comparative Advantage- DUE TODAY
Work on- Ch. 2 Packet- DUE NEXT CLASS

Mar  20-21
Discuss-  Ch. 2.3 (pgs. 54-55)
Do-Problem with Specialization-DUE TODAY
Begin- Ch. 2 Review- DUE NEXT CLASS
Ch. 2 Packet- DUE TODAY

Mar  22, April 2
​Intro- Ch 4- Demand
Discuss- Ch. 4.1
Begin-The Price of Oil- DUE NEXT CLASS
Do- Wants vs. Needs- DUE TODAY
Ch 2 Review- DUE TODAY

April 3-4
Discuss- Ch 4.2
Do- Elasticity of Demand- DUE TODAY
Do- The Movie Theater- DUE TODAY
The Price of Oil- DUE TODAY​

****Spring Break- Mar  26-30****

Apr  5-6
Intro- Ch 5- Supply
Discuss- Ch 5.1
Do- Candy Bars or Pizza-DUE TODAY
Begin-Profile of Papa John-DUE NEXT CLASS
The Price of Oil- DUE TODAY

Apr  9-10
Discuss- Ch 5.2
Do-Tech changes Supply-DUE TODAY
Begin-Water to Gasoline-DUE NEXT CLASS
Profile of Papa John-DUE TODAY
Apr  11-12
Watch Movie- Envy
Water to Gasoline-DUE TODAY

Apr  13, 16
Finish Movie- Envy
Answer Video Questions- DUE TODAY
Apr  17-18
Intro- Ch 11
Discuss- Ch. 11.1
Begin- Ch. 11 Packet
Begin- What do you consume in a day? DUE NEXT CLASS.
Do- Sample Budget- DUE TODAY
Do-The $1000 Gift- DUE TODAY
Apr 19, 23
Discuss- Ch. 11.2
Do-Cash or Card- DUE TODAY
Do- Credit Card Statement- DUE TODAY
Begin- Build/Repair Credit- DUE NEXT CLASS
Begin- What is Credit?- DUE NEXT CLASS
What do you consume?- DUE TODAY
Apr  24-25
Discuss- Budgeting
Do- Spending Plan-DUE TODAY
Build/Repair Credit-DUE TODAY
What is Credit?-DUE TODAY
Apr  26-27
Video- Minimum Wage
Answer Video Questions- DUE TODAY
April  30- May 1
Discuss- Ch 11.3
Do- The History of the Credit Card- DUE TODAY
Begin- Identity Theft- DUE NEXT CLASS
May  2-3
Watch Video- Pursuit of Happyness
Pay attention- Video Questions-next class.
Ch. 11 Review- DUE TODAY
Identity Theft- DUE TODAY
May  4, 7
Finish Video- Pursuit of Happyness
Do- Video Questions- DUE TODAY
May  8-9
Intro- Ch. 12
Discuss- Ch. 12.1
Begin- Ch 12 Packet
Do- Using a Checking Account- DUE TODAY
Begin- Career Search- DUE NEXT CLASS
*Get- Final Exam Study Guide
May  10-11
Discuss- Ch. 12.2
*Begin- Road Trip Project- DUE May 19th
Career Search- DUE TODAY

May  14-15
Discuss- Ch. 12.3
Work on- Road Trip Project
Ch. 12 Packet- DUE TODAY

May  16-17
​Discuss- Ch 18 Main Ideas
Do- Are They in Trouble- DUE TODAY
Work on- Road Trip Project- DUE May 19th

May  18, 21
Road Trip Project- DUE TODAY

May  22-23
​Review for Final Exam
Write a practice Essay-DUE TODAY

May 24-25

May  29-30
Final Exams- 

Finals- See Final Exam Schedule on Homepage

Finals- MAY