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Brunch bags

​Summer meal service will continue through July 30.

Click link for more details.

Summer Assignments

​Check to see if you have summer assignments to complete!

Summer assignments

Senior Awards

​Congratulations, Seniors! Click to watch the Senior Awards video.

Click to watch the Visual Arts awards.

Contacting AAHS Support Staff
Due to COVID-19 and the State of Colorado switching to eLearning, support staff are not on site and do not have access to their phone lines. 

If you need to contact support staff please use the email addresses below for any questions, comments or concerns. 

School Secretary, Paige Whiteman - paige.whiteman@asd20.org
Principals Admin Assistant, Joani Nachbar - joan.nachbar@asd20.org
Dean's Secretary, Lucinda Lewis - lucinda.lewis@asd20.org
Attendance Jill Guiberson & Joanne Swickard- jill.guiberson@asd20.org or joanne.swickard@asd20.org
College & Careers Secretary Janie Olsen - janie.olsen@asd20.org
Athletics Secretary, Patty Westfall - patty.westfall@asd20.org