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 These images will be on line for 60 days - After that time you may still view/order them at the studio (719) 594-9898, if you need help with your order please call us.  Photos will be color corrected and lighter/darker as needed.  Any special cropping/retouching also available for an additional cost.


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    • I've circled the bottom three, as those are the HD versions.  Families have the choice for 720, or the bottom two are full HD at 1080, it's just that file sizes are different.  One is the original, and the other is compressed.  There shouldn't be much of a difference in quality.
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Dear 2019/2020 Seniors,
Congratulations! Yearbook wants to document your achievements and successes by ensuring that your senior picture is in the 2019-2020 AAHS yearbook! Here are some guidelines you must follow to ensure that your picture looks amazing and you represent AAHS with pride!
Picture requirements:
Ø All pictures must be from the waist up. Full body shots will not be accepted.

Ø No props are allowed (i.e. guitars, sports equipment, pets or animals, etc…)

Ø Nature scenes (trees, rivers, fences) are acceptable

Ø No profanity, writing, or questionable pictures on shirts

Ø No hand signals are allowed

Ø No hats

Ø No sports jerseys

Ø No cut off shirts or undershirts

Ø No strapless tops or shirts with transparent material


A baby ad is a great way to give your senior a wonderful parting gift as they venture on to the next chapter in his or her life.  A baby ad is an advertisement in the yearbook dedicated entirely to your senior!  You choose the size, pictures and message and we make it memorable.  There are great examples of this timeless gift in the back of previous yearbooks for your reference.

AAHS works with an outside company to ensure that your ads are beautiful and done well.  This company is The Yearbook Company, and all of the ordering, designing and payment are done through them. 

You can find all the information on their website at

Please go to the site and follow the instructions there. 

Thank you!!

 Class of 2020

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2018-2019 Student Handbook

Lost Student ID

If a student loses their ID and needs a replacement, they can go to the Main Office for a reprint. Cost is $5.00