Athletic Purpose Statement Honorees


Congratulations Athletes!

Hard Workgage.jpg

Gage Nartker (Golf)-  He played a lot of golf this summer and has been working hard in practice.



Toby Ubben (Tennis)-Toby is constantly showing discipline already by focusing on his game and his craft without letting distractions get to him. In matches, Toby is always looking back on points to figure out what he needs to change to get better, but he is still a fun person to play against and a great sport. Furthermore, in warmups, Toby is always making sure his footwork and technique are correct instead of just finding a way to get the ball in.


Commitment Bo.JPG

Bo Powers (Football)- Bo Powers as an outstanding representative of commitment. Bo did not miss a single workout for the entire summer and dedicated himself to getting better by attending every off-season event we have had throughout the off-season. He is at every practice, gives great effort, and because of his outstanding example, is a tremendous leader for his teammates.


Team Player Dillon2.jpg

Dillon Powell (Cross Country)- is a highly motivated runner who prepares extremely well before the season and continues to work hard during the season. He gladly puts in in extra work, completes workouts at a high level, gives a fantastic effort, gets along well with his teammates, and encourages other runners. He makes the people around him better. He has a great attitude, communicates well, and is an absolute pleasure to have on the team.


Leadership Sheridan.jpg

Sheridan Wayne (Softball)- She is the remaining senior off a very talented softball team from the past 3 years.  This years' team is not as talented by far.  Sheridan is doing a good job of leading this very young group of girls.  She has been at every practice and game.  She leads by both example and the words that come out of her mouth.  She works hard at practice and at games. This year she is doing a great job of leading by example in good times and bad.  She makes sure that her teammates don't drop their heads if something is going wrong and lifts them up when they need to be lifted. 


Moral Character Justin.jpg

Justin Brand (Tennis)- Justin has shown moral character throughout the first couple weeks of the season by being kind and generous on and off the court. This includes saying hi to us in the halls, showing us where our classes are, and even asking about how our day was in his own free time. On the court, Justin is always showing us his techniques when we are struggling with something and he gives us encouragement when we need it most.