Athletic Purpose Statement Honorees


Congratulations Athletes!

Hard work- Jack Newsome (Football)

Jack Newsome2.jpg

Jack Newsome is our nominee from the Kadet Football Program as an outstanding representative of hard work. Jack consistently gives his best effort not only in games but every day in practice. He has greatly improved his strength and size by training in the off-season, and was at every workout during the summer. He also is a tremendous role model for other members of the team on the value of hard work not only in football, but in life as well.


Morale Character- Reaghan Dougherty (Cheer)

Reaghan Dougherty.jpg

Reaghan, has been part of AAHS cheer for 3 years, she is dedicated to overall school spirit and BLUE PRIDE. Reaghan, represents morale character, by constantly being willing to be grow into the best athlete for herself and her team, while maintaining good grades and community involvement.  


Commitment- Brayden Jonswold (Soccer)

Brayden Jonswold.jpg

I nominate Brayden Jonswold, four years playing every game at the varsity level as a starter, a great representative of all core covenants of the soccer program and I'm sure the school covenants.... He blew his ACL last Thursday and was told yesterday that his season and therefore soccer playing days is over, yet the first thing he wanted to know was how he could help his team out going forward while on the sideline, always a team first athlete in every possible way!!


Leadership- Brittney Smith (Cheer)

Brittney Smith.jpg

Brittney is an athlete that has a energy that is contagious and motivating. The specific reason we picked Britt this week, to shout out living the covenant of leadership is due to a specific situation this week, where Brittney showed selfless leadership to allow one of her teammates to complete a skill in her spot, sacrificing her wants over the wants of her teammates. This is the BLUE PRIDE culture of TEAM BEFORE ME attitude. 


Team Player- Lane Horsfall (Tennis)

Lane Horsfall.jpg

Lane Horsfall--excellent student and leader, enrolled in a very challenging schedule.  Always positive on the courts and gives strong effort in practice and in matches.  #1 player on the JV team.