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Congratulations Athletes!

Please read more about the ways our athletes are living the Living Core Covenant.

Living Core Covenant Recipients

William MacGuire- Hard Work 

Brady BadwoundTeam Player

 Gabe Beal, Austin Graham, Justin Graham- Commitment

Liza LouthanLeadership

John Irwin School of Excellence

​Congratul;ations Air Academy HS

John Irwin School of Excellence

Graduation Photos

Graduation photos are ready to view/order

 These images will be on line for 60 days - After that time you may still view/order them at the studio (719) 594-9898, if you need help with your order please call us.  Photos will be color corrected and lighter/darker as needed.  Any special cropping/retouching also available for an additional cost.

 Go To : https://vando.imagequix.com/Q9HTS99 - Look for your school

Below are the Vimeo links of graduations you can send out to families for a digital download. 

Graduation Video 

  • First one is the download button to prepare to download the file. 
  • The other is what file size options there are to download when prompted after that.
    • I've circled the bottom three, as those are the HD versions.  Families have the choice for 720, or the bottom two are full HD at 1080, it's just that file sizes are different.  One is the original, and the other is compressed.  There shouldn't be much of a difference in quality.
    • Video download



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