Air Academy High School Campus Security


Role of the Campus Security
1.  Support staff and students.
2. Work to resolve verbal and physical disputes by providing and encouraging    students with a safe environment.
3.  Supervise the campus interior and exterior buildings and structures.
4.  Supervise all parking and driving at AAHS.
5.  Assist the administration in the investigation of a variety of situations.
6.  Uphold all district and school code of conduct rules regarding student behavior.
7.  Help students with lockers, parking, and student parking pass issues and updating information.
8.  Provide students support when faced with harassment issues.
9.  Be visible to all staff, students, and parents for questions and/or concerns.
Carlos Montoya - Lead Security Officer
B.A. Political Science - Colorado State University- Pueblo
30 years police experience - Colorado Springs Police Department, to include:
Patrol Officer
Airport Officer
Recruiting Officer
Cadet/Reserve Officer Supervisor
GangNet Supervisor
Neighborhood Policing Unit Supervisor
D.A.R.E. Unit Supervisor
Airport Police Supervisor
Master Patrol Officer Supervisor

Tony Harris- Security Officer
Mike Nestor - Security Officer