What Can Parents/Guardians Do To Help Students?

High School can often be a big transition from middle school, even for students who have been successful in the past. If your student is struggling with classes or with balancing school and extra-curricular activities, consider:

  • Reviewing your student's planner to help with planning for the upcoming week; pick a night each week for planning. Discuss times for homework, activities and chores. Remind your student that often projects take longer than anticipated so allow extra time.

  • Reviewing Infinite Campus with your student to identify if concerns are with class work, homework, quizzes, projects or tests and identify a plan of action to address the concern. If your student struggles with tests, explore how your student is studying for tests and identify additional test taking strategies.

  • Checking the AAHS website to see if your student's teacher has information posted for the class to help with planning. Go to departments (English, Math, Social Science, etc.) and then check for the teacher's name.

  • Encouraging your student to talk directly with his/her teacher and attend Interventions. Many students are reluctant to contact their teacher; however, this is an important life skill. AAHS Counselors are always willing to help your student problem-solve about how to approach their teacher and/or accompany your student on a visit to the teacher.

  • Contacting the teacher directly (e-mail is often a good method) to inquire about what the teacher is observing and additional ways to support your student.

  • Contacting the school counselor. Students and parents are encouraged to make an appointment to discuss strategies for student success. Counselors can also recommend community resources and counselors that might be helpful.