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Timeline for suggested assessments and testing

What Pre -SAT testPre-SAT test
College Entrance Exam*College Entrance Exam*Advance Placement Exam **

April of 9th and 10th grade years at AAHS

October of 11th grade year at AAHS (high scorers can qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Contest)

Spring of the 11th grade year*

Optional test can be taken througout the country on national testing days. 

All 11th graders take in April at AAHS for free. Can attempt more than once on national testing  days. SAT II's (subject tests) Required of some of highly selective colleges(Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, etc.)

May of the year taking the AP class (11/12th grade primarily)

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*Many AAHS students attempt ACT and SAT tests multiple times.  Colleges accept scores from either test.  Many colleges allow students to use their highest score, and many colleges allow students to Super-Score—which means using the highest score of every section of the test.  Please research the colleges you are interested in to see what their policies are regarding the use of ACT/SAT test scores.  Also, please research whether or not the college you are interested in requires the writing portion of the ACT/SAT. 

**High Advanced Placement scores can often earn students college credit.  Please research individual colleges to see their minimum scores required to earn college credit.  

If you have questions regarding AP testing, please contact Sean Whitson at or call 234-2419.