​​2015-2016 Parent Council Roles and Responsibilities
 Parent Council Co-Chair:  Diane Wilborn  and Lisa Taskerud ​
·         plan and execute 4-5 Parent Council meetings per year
·         coordinate the calendar with Principal's secretary
·         organize and schedule speakers and run the meetings
·         coordinate the roles of all other Board members; schedule Board meetings
·         oversee that the Parent Council website is kept up to date
·         take minutes at each Parent Council meeting
·         post minutes to the AAHS Parent Council website 
·         track action items for Parent Council Board members
Treasurer:   Denise Howell ​​
·         organize annual membership drive and collect dues
·         set annual budget
·         track expenses monthly
·         report financials at each meeting
·         post Treasurer’s Report on the Parent Council website
Volunteer Coordinator:  Pam Joslyn​
·         sign-up volunteers using an emailer tool called “Constant Contact”  
·         Coordinate the volunteers for activities, including: 
o    Back to School check-in: start recruiting July
o    Picture distribution:  2 days in early September
o    PLAN/PSAT tickets:  9 days in mid-September
o    Homecoming ticket sales:  5 days in late September
o    Holiday Staff Luncheon (volunteers, supplies and food donations): early December
o    Prom/After Prom ticket sales: 3 weeks in early April
o    May Staff Appreciation Luncheon (volunteers, supplies and food): early May
·         Keep website updated with Volunteer Opportunities
Staff Appreciation:  Susan Marshall    
·         Determine budget for Staff Appreciation and current staff numbers
·         Organize “fun and different” monthly or bi-monthly treats for AAHS Staff
·         Coordinate purchase, packaging and distribution of treats
·         Submit receipts to Accounting

 Student Awards:  Lori Senkoff ​
·         work with the Principal's Secretary to put together all Academic letters, Awards, and Senior Awards
·         help coordinate Award Nights
Sounding Board:  Melinda  Joyal
·         serve as the AAHS representative to the D20 Sounding Board Committee
·         attend monthly D20 Sounding Board meetings
·         communicate and coordinate issues as needed
After Prom Committee Chair: Lori Dangermond,  ​
·          plan and execute the After Prom
·         choose the site for After Prom and manage the contract and the budget
·         coordinate the After Prom committee and designate the roles of the sub-committees
·         over-see the donations from the parents and the community
·         coordinate with the Student Council and the Prom committee
·         work with the Volunteer Coordinator for ticket sales and After Prom volunteers