William MacGuire- Hard Work - This kid embodies our core covenants.  Not just one of them but all of them.  He works hard every day for me both on and off the ice.  Williams morale is second to none.  He has the ability to get guys to smile and enjoy themselves.  His leadership, team play and commitment are evident by the letter he wears this year and the letter he will wear next year.  He's a multi-sport kid and he does just fine in the classroom as well.  He shows respect for his fellow teammates and they respect him. William MacGuire makes me proud to be a KADET!!

Andrew Marshall -Head Coach Ice Hockey


Brady Badwound- Team Player- Positive role model for the younger kids.  Constantly working with his teammates to help them improve.  Works hard in season and out of season to get better. Committed to the sport and his team.  He is a solid student-athlete.

Nate Hill -Head Wrestling Coach

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Gabe Beal, Austin Graham, Justin Graham- Commitment-.  All three have been Kadets through and through.  Over the last 3 years they have not missed any summer camps, and have normally played double the games because of their willingness to there. 

Barry Clark - Head Boys' Basketball Coach 


Liza Louthan- Leadership – In my 32 years of coaching Liza ranks right at the top when it comes to leadership.  She demands excellence out of herself and teammates. I constantly hear praise from the girls about Liza and how fantastic she is as a captain.

Phil Roiko - Head Girls' Basketball Coach