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​Coaches Purpose-

Girls Basketball

Program Purpose

Today's athletes require knowledgeable, passionate, and responsible coaches for them to be successful on the court and in life.  AAHS Girls' Basketball Coaches pride themselves on being organized dynamic and empowered leaders.  Our passion for excellence allows us to grow athletes of great character by instilling discipline, teamwork and resiliency.  Our philosophy starts with players taking responsibility for themselves and the team.  We believe it is necessary to instill a competitive winning spirt in every athlete by emphasizing a clarity of expectations and the security of being on a team while s

till having fun and laughter. 


Head Coach-Phil Roiko

I want to mentor athletes through a positive experience with sports to develop character, integrity and empower them to be selfless leaders in their team and in life.


Assistant Coach-Craig Beal

As a coach, it is my purpose to provide young athletes with the necessary life skills to reach their potential by exemplifying leadership, knowledge and passion. 

JV Coach-Kauna Kama

My purpose as a coach is to share my passion for the game and be a positive role model for my athletes. I want to help my athletes on their journey to not only improve as athletes but learn life lessons as they overcome adversity to reach their true potential.