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We have approximately 850 student/athletes annually. We are currently classified as "4A" in the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) in all sports.
General Eligibility Requirements to participate for Air Academy High School Athletics:
I. General Eligibility Requirements . All student/athletes must meet the General Eligibility Requirements set forth by the Colorado High School Activities Association and Air Academy High School during each semester of participation in athletics. Those requirements are : Each student/athlete must take a minimum of 2.5 Carnegie units (the equivalent of 5 full credit classes) during the current semester of participation as well as the previous semester to competition. During those semesters, the student/athlete may not fail more than one (1) class to be eligible to participate. Any discrepancy in this area will deem the student/athlete ineligible to participate. That athlete must see the athletic director to understand how he or she can regain eligibility status.
*Once students have entered high school they have 8 consecutive semesters to complete their athletic eligibility.
II. Eligibility Checks . Students/athletes will have their grades checked on a bi-monthly basis to determine athletic eligibility. We have a "No Pass - No Play" rule (effective 8/2009). Thus if a student is failing ONE class during the eligibility check process , he or she will become ineligible to participate for the next two weeks. The athletic director will pull all participating student/athletes' grades on designated Thursday's (heads up check) and provide a list of those athletes who have D's or F's so that any discrepancies can be taken care of by 12:00 Noon on the following Monday as that is when the final eligibility report will be run. If the student athlete still shows a failing grade, he or she will be notified of his or her eligibility status and required to bring those grades up during the two week ineligible period. It is up to each coach whether or not that particular student/athlete will be allowed to practice during the ineligible time period.
III. CHSAA Transfer Rule . At the April 2002 CHSAA Board of Control, a slightly more restrictive transfer rule was approved for use with all member schools. In order to implement this revised rule, it was necessary for the state legislature to remove a a statute that gave eligibility to students who moved during the summer.
The transfer rule addresses athletic eligibility only as it relates to transfer between schools. The CHSAA supports school choice in academic pursuits and encourages its student participants to enhance their academic achievement.
The rule states: 
1800.1 A student who establishes his/her high school eligibility at a member school and subsequently transfers, will be ineligible for varsity competition for 365 days from the date of their transfer, in the sports they participated in during the last 365 days. 1800.2 The transfer rule addresses athletic eligibility only as it relates to transfer between schools. Rules related to age, semesters, academic requirements and other CHSAA Bylaws may result in an eligible transfer being declared ineligible. 

Academic All-State
Each season, Air Academy High School's athletic department submits all student/athletes and activity participants who meet the criteria of a grade point average of 3.3 to 3.59 to receive Academic All-State Honorable Mention Awards.   First Team Awards are presented to students with grade point averages higher than 3.6 receive Academic All-State First Team honors. Each winner receives a certificate displaying their accomplishment.